Our story

Hi. We are Andy, Heike and Bonnie the dog. We live in Newburgh in Fife, Scotland where we brew and bottle amazing kombucha. We sell our booch at farmer’s markets in Leith and Bowhouse, through Neighbourfood, at select delis, zero waste shops and here online.

We began life as filmmakers. Back in 2013 we made a hit film called THE MOO MAN. It was about an amazing farmer trying to do the right thing, treat his cows well and sell their wonderful milk raw. It changed our lives.

Farmer Steve Hook was a trailblazer. Through making that film we learnt all about the importance of beneficial bacteria in our food, why it’s good to keep it raw and about the miracle of fermentation. Researching for a follow up film, we discovered a revolution in the understanding of our microbiome and how the foods we all need are fast disappearing. We met groundbreaking microbiologists, fantastic artisan food producers and great farmers from all around the world. We were blown away.

In fact we went fermental. At home we experimented with yoghurts, sour doughs, sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi and of course kombucha. And the kombucha just tasted oh so good, and it’s super good for our gut too.

Our gut told us to follow our heart and so here we now are, bringing a new Buddy into the world .